Collect information about all assignments

Hi M-Files community,

I am currently working on an use case where users may select multiple approvers for each workflow step. Those users get assignments and can approve or reject it. If all approve, we got to next workflow step. The same approach in next workflow step. 

Generally, this approach works but I see now that I will have a trouble with approval dates and comments. I have a requirement to show all approval dates and comments on the metadata card.

User can provide comment during approval/rejection and I would like to re-use and as well as date/time when approved.

One idea would be to have a comment metadata for each step of workflow that is filled with date/time + name of approver + comment each shown in a new line (I could have 10 approvers in workflow step, so would have 10 comments and approval dates). I would need to react on approve/reject event (not quite sure which one or if I can get information when someone approve/reject assignment) and update that metadata accordingly.

Sounds somehow quite overwhelming. 

Wondering if you have better idea and concept to solve this use case. One problem I find with assignments is that the completed ones are not shown afterwards. I assume they could be searched for specific document but still.

Hope you have some good ideas.

Thank you.