CK Managed Properties - introducing categories?

I'm already using Managed Properties rather than programming the calculation via VAF (or VBS). The placeholder configuration is excellent although there are some standard calculations missing which could perhaps be added incrementally.


The more I am defining managed properties with different cases the longer get's the list of rules. I would need a possibility to group it - even if it would be difficult while handling upgrading from current version to future verson while changing the underlying JSON schema.

  • Grouping by property is good - I just have up to 20 calculation rules in a first customer project. Thumbsup
  • Grouping within a property could be fine - e.g. activated and deactivated cases - or just different depending on object type and/or document class (or workflow status?)
  • Grouping the property list into topics - e.g. master data, documents. finance object, organisation objects etc. - which I have started for organizing my meta data card configuration sub rules
  • enhancing the placeholder editor, e.g. "{ZipCode} {City}, {Kanton}" --> possibility to define that the comma and space between City and Kanton only will be inserted if City AND Kanton is filled because it is a address of Switzerland (just as an example where I nowaday always need two separate calculation rules - for each calculation rule I've created because of other reasons, e.g. appending " [DISABLED]" or not
  • MULTILANGUAGE support would be an idea
  • perhaps you have also own ideas while thinking about - e.g. set parameters for a placeholder which define the formatting, or ..., or ...

Placeholder configuration should be urgently used also in normal Admin Client dialogs - like notification texts defined via workflow state. There are perhaps some similar cases in other CK modules which I've not used so extensively like Managed properties where grouping possibilities would also help.

Just some screenshots to illustrate my thoughts:

Better overview by using sub-rules in Metadata card configuration, e.g.

Placeholder configuration should be usable everywhere where it makes sense - e.g. here:

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