How can I changed my preferred language to German and set English as fallback language here?

How can I changed my preferred language to German and set English as fallback language here?

  • Hi , do you mean preferred language on the community? Or were you referencing somewhere else?

    If you're asking about the community, we only offer the English-based platform right now. As the new community grows, it may be that we will open up other languages. I imagine that we will start looking into that possibility next year, after the new community has been live for at least 12 months.

    I hope that helps, even though it might not be what you were looking for!

  • Yes I've have experience that most information sources of M-Files are in English. For German customers would a German group good in order to coordinate more German translations in order to win more customers which wouldn't buy an English product because not all speak English and only a few fluent enough to understand English videos. That's why we always stand against German companies like d.velop or SER which bring German language and German law specialities by default.

    I think for customers it's most important to have the main entries in German like it was on the old version of your homepage. The German version of the user manual is top. Release notes were also in German but then not always for the latest version. Demo environment should in German at least for the first impression - for others you can tell that this is a special or new demo which will be translated soon. If the forum is also for customer then we should wait with promotion for German customers until menu etc. is also available in German and a German channel is available - or perhaps also only for the admins and perhaps managers only first - that normal employees come here first if they see something they understand - if they speak only German Slight smile Don't know what the others think about.

    German also as "my spoken languages" like in skill profiles would also be a nice idea - how much communication inside (without M-Files employees - or at least self-initiated - would also be intersting. Partners could exchange here their ideas and talk private about it. Users should decide fthemselft, if only M-Files / M-Files and partners or also customers.

  • Sorry, first day here and spreading out all ideas If' had since my start with M-Files. Not everyday so much questions - I promise Slight smile

  • This is great feedback, thanks for sharing! (And no worries with the Day 1 Idea Spreading... :-) )  I'll definitely make note of this. Thanks again!