Feature requests: 1. Ability to rename pinned view / folder / object 2. Group pinned items such as view / folders / objects to the "folder"

1. I've heard from the users that it would be great to be able to rename the pinned items. For example, if one pins a generic view or a virtual folder behind that, one could rename that the way wanted and not follow the generic naming. This would give some sort of control to the users and make the pinned tab even more personal. Naturally the naming change would only affect the one user and would be a personal user based setup. 

2. Haven't thought about that much yet. However, I've heard feedback from the users that it would be really great to have yet again more control within their pin board in M-Files. What do you think, would it make sense to be able to group your pinned items the way you want? For example, if I've pinned few documents and then few views and maybe couple of staff objects, my pin board gets full quite soon. In that case, I'd like to group my pinned items a better way. A familiar way for the users would be to create a "group" or folder to their pin board. In this case it could be something like "pinned documents", "awesome views", "staff records to be checked" etc. This shouldn't affect the metadata of the objects or change it at all. It would just be a personal grouping / dummy foldering for the persons pinned items.