Link/Button for automatic approval/rejection of assignments

Hi M-Files and community, 

I was approached today with a question if user could approve/reject document/assignment directly from an e-mail. Basically when clicking on some link in an e-mail to approve it or reject it immediately (could be link or button). 

I have currently link to version (%MFILESURLTOVERSION%) inside of notification e-mail. When they click on the link, it opens the document in M-Files client tool.

I used that openurl m-files concept, it looks something like this:

It opens the browser first and then from there they open m-files client. It is not really nice :(. 

Is there an easier/better way? Is there a way to provide some request parameter in link for automatic approval so they do not need to open it in the tool at all? This would be really great.

Thanks for thoughts.