Assignment and document view

I need a view in which a subset of documents are listed (I can filter the properties to get the subset I need).  In the columns I would like to see the document name if there is an assignment associated with the document and if so is this assignment completed and by who.  So basically I'm looking to see if an assignment was made on the document and if the people it was assigned to completed it or it is still waiting to be done, but is is only on a specific subset of documents in a class.  I just can't seem to get the right set of properties in my view to accomplish this.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Document Name      Assignment Name         Completed     Completed by

  • Sounds like your assignments are separate objects (that is fine). The Assignments have relations TO the document, not FROM the document.  This means that Assignments are not listed in a property on the documents, and therefor you cannot just add the relevant columns to your view.
    I see 2 ways to work around this. Haven't tested any of them, so forgive me if they do not work!

    1. Use Compliance Kit, Configuration Accelerators, Managed Properties (free of charge) to automatically fill an Assignments property and the Assigned to and Marked as complete by properties on the Document. This works dynamically meaning that it won't fill the property on existing documents when you have configured it. You would have to change something on each document to get the values filled.
    2. Create a new View showing your Assignments. The relevant Assignments have the documents listed in a property, and they have the "Assigned to" and "Marked as complete by" properties that you want to show in columns. The tricky part would be to configure the View filter to accommodate your needs. You should be able to use the same filters with indirect  references via the document property.