Search feature not working

Something weird is going on with my M-Files.  The advanced search is working fine and all of my views are working fine but the basic search isn't working.  When I use the basic search, the system doesn't find anything but I can put the same info in the advanced search and the documents I'm looking for come up just fine.  

  • Hi there, 

    Please describe your server environment in basics: 

    • Is it On-premise server, or a Cloud Vault? 
    • If On-Premise, does the hard drive where your document vault is located, have enough space available? 
    • If On-Premise, can you find any error events from the Windows Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application section, related to the search problem, like indexing issues? 
    • If On-Premises, Is it running the basic dtSearch search engine, or HPE IDOL?
    •  If On-Premises, Is it a Firebird or SQL Server based document vault? 
  • We have an On-Premise server; the hard drive is less than 25% full.  I'm sorry, I don't know the answers to the rest of your questions.  We have a 3rd party that comes in to do work on our server when needed.

  • To me, this sounds like you need to rebuild full-text search, this is something you can trigger by right-clicking the vault's name in the admin console under the Operations section.  I would also recommend reaching out to if you have an active support agreement.

  • I second this. 

    We've been decommissioning an old document system and migrating contents to M-Files. 

    We have discovered that during the project, if we are adding a lot of content to the vault, it's best to run nightly full-text index rebuild. 

    We are nearing over a million documents in our vault - so it's important to teach users how to search, and not rely solely on a dice roll to plug in a search term and hope they find what they need! 

  • if you are near 1 million documents, you should consider switching to IDOL search engine.