Saving Multiselect values as assignment in Configuring the connection to external data sources for object types / value lists

Do you have a feature on your road map where also multi-select values can be stored within a text field using a comma-separated list of either

  • internal lookup ids,
  • external database keys (important for foreign key constrains in the database.
  • or perhaps also using the display values of the entries if it is a list with currency 3-letter-codes, for example)

How I can do that using T-SQL for MS SQL server? For that, I have found lots of easy going descriptions via google - but: why is it not supported also by M-Files?

Thank you for informing me about the roadmap plans according to that topic - and for everyone who can confirm from own projects that this would be a real advantage.

(Just drop a comment in this case - maybe also if you have a better idea or if you think this is totally useless Slight smile)

  • I haven't heard of any roadmap plans in this area, multi-select values can already be read from external databases but they must be provided on separate rows in the database which I know is not always possible. Step 22 in the user guide shows an example of a supported data structure:

    If you have a comma-separated list in the database, currently the workaround (as your probably already know) is to read the list into a text property through the external connection and then process and store the values to the desired multi-select lookup property in an event handler.

  • Ok that was new to me but a little bit difficult to understand from user guide. That means you have 3 database rows which are identically except the multiselect industry column. Sounds like a hack Slight smile

    The workaround is what I have already implemented but would be better to have a standard feature for that. Then you would need a separate property.