Hide a transition or a workflow step depending on property value on document


Does anyone know if it is possible to hide a transition or a workflow step depending on the property value?

The workflow is configured to be able to go from A to B, to C or to D. We want to "force" the user to go from A to B or to C or from A to C or to D only according to the value of a property of the document . Typically depending on the value of the property if the allowed path is from A to B or to C we want to hide step D.

Any help will be welcome.



  • Unfortunately you cannot hide the workflow step conditionally: if the user has a permission to do the transition (defined in the transition properties), the state is displayed as one of the possible next states in the client.

    What you can do is to set preconditions on steps B, C and D that would check the property value and prevent moving to that state if the condition is not met. However this would still allow the user to try to move to that state and they would then get a message in the client that the transition was unsuccessful due to the precondition.

    You might also additionally want to add some guidance to the metadata card so that the users can make an educated choice for the next workflow state. For instance, display a header with some additional information when the object is in state A (example below). The precondition would then make sure that this guidance is actually followed.

    There might also be other options utilizing automatic state transitions if the property that is used as the condition is filled before reaching state A. Consider if something like this would work in your case:

  • Thank you for the answer, we will add a script to have an error message users choose a wrong transition

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