What is M-Color? - Where does this category comes from?

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  • M-Color is a software that is used for Autocad drawings coloring and visualizing them. 

    It's the first product commercialized by M-Files Corporation (previously: Motive Systems Oy). 

    From the product web page:

    "M-Color is a presentation plotting software for AutoCAD users who need to develop high-quality plots of their CAD designs.

    M-Color bridges the gap between traditional CAD drafting and presentation graphics software. You can use AutoCAD's precision drafting capabilities to create and edit your CAD drawings, and take advantage of the advanced graphical effects and publishing possibilities of M-Color to produce a high-quality presentation plot.

    M-Color is tightly integrated with AutoCAD so there is no need to import your AutoCAD drawing to some external graphics software and lose the editing link with AutoCAD."

    So in short - different product with no strings attached to M-Files product. 

  • Thank you. 

    If you work in IT projects you get in touch with AutoCAD only if you work for someone who uses it.

    I know AutoCAD from version 9 (for MS DOS) because my father was engineer for street building until retirement. :) 

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