Script to actualize auto-calculated properties

Dear all

I have the case that i have a "process" object and a "main process" object. 

The "process" object contains a property called "checklist", which refers to a value list

Through auto-calculated properties within the compliance kit I display the selected values of this property "checklist" on the main process object. 

The problem is now, that the values do not autoupdate, only if I actualize the main process object manually.

Is there a script available which autoupdates the values on the main process object based on the selected values on the process object?

I think it would be enough to do that every 1 to 2 days and only in a certain workflow state (run the script there). So it would not cause performance problems.

Anyone done such a thing once?

Appreciate your help.

Kind regards,


  • The properties on the main object are only re-calculated when the object is altered.  If you're happy with the version number incrementing then you could write a script (e.g. a VAF asynchronous operation) to find objects in the specific state, and to make a small change to them.  I don't, unfortunately, have a sample I can share right now.

  • I often use a "dummy" boolean property called "Toggle for recalculation" for this purpose. Simply change the value from True to False or the opposite to get autocalculated values refreshed.

    You can configure your workflow to this automatically  by adding a state with automatic transition after 2 days and a script to change the state back to the original state once values have been refreshed. The script is needed to get around the check for loops in your workflow. But as Craig mentioned the version count will increase.