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SendCustomNotification - URL String


I have the below code to create a custom notification. It works wonderfully, but I want to make the m-files URL a hyperlink in the notification that it sends out. I triedn using html <a href="url">Text<a/> but it tells me that it doesnt support this object or property. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

Option Explicit

dim i, h, j, k
dim CompletedUsers(10), Users(10)
dim found : found = false

for i = 1 to vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.getproperty(objver, 45).value.getValueasLookups.count 

	CompletedUsers(i) = vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.getproperty(objver, 45).value.getValueasLookups.item(i).item


for h = 1 to vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.getproperty(objver, 44).value.getValueasLookups.count 

	Users(h) = vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.getproperty(objver, 44).value.getValueasLookups.item(h).item


dim userOrUserGroups : set userOrUserGroups = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.UserOrUserGroupIDs")
dim userOrUserGroup : set userOrUserGroup = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.UserorUserGroupId")
dim extStrings : set ExtStrings = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.Strings")

for j = 1 to Ubound(Users)

	for k = 1 to ubound(CompletedUsers)

		If CompletedUsers(k) = Users(j) then

			found = true

		end if 


	If found = false then
		userorUserGroup.UserOrGroupType = 1
		userorusergroup.userorgroupid = Users(j)
		userorusergroups.add j,userorusergroup

	end if

found = false


if Weekday(Date) = 2 or Weekday(Date) = 3 or Weekday(Date) = 4 or Weekday(Date) = 5 or Weekday(Date) = 6 then
	Vault.NotificationOperations.SendCustomNotification userOrUserGroups, false, extStrings, true, Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.GetProperty(objver, 0).value &  " is past due", "Please complete this assignment ASAP. " &"<br />" &"<br />" & vault.objectoperations.getmfilesurlforobject(objver.objid, objver.version, true) & "<br />" & "<br/>" &" - Administration"


end if

' Set the workflow state to Past Due Assignment
Dim iInProgressState : iInProgressState = 10430 ' Workflow State ID, check from Workflow States value list
Dim oPropVal: Set oPropVal = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.PropertyValue")
oPropVal.PropertyDef = 39 ' Workflow states build-in property
oPropVal.TypedValue.SetValue MFDatatypeLookup, iInProgressState
Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.SetProperty ObjVer, oPropVal