Searching for the parent of a value list item

Hello community,

I'm trying to find the parent of a value list item using VBScript.

Dim SearchForValue: SearchForValue = "Apple"
 Dim oSc : Set oSc = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.SearchCondition")
Dim oScs : Set oScs = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.SearchConditions")
oSc.ConditionType = MFConditionType.MFConditionTypeStartsWith
oSc.Expression.SetValueListItemExpression MFValueListItemPropertyDef.MFValueListItemPropertyDefName, MFParentChildBehavior.MFParentChildBehaviorNone
oSc.TypedValue.SetValue MFDataType.MFDatatypeText, SearchForValue
oScs.Add -1, oSc

Dim ValueList: ValueList = 125 ' the ID of the value list for fruits

'Perform search.
Dim oRes
Dim oResults : Set oResults = vault.ValueListItemOperations.SearchForValueListItemsEx(ValueList,oScs,false,MFExternalDBRefreshType.MFExternalDBRefreshTypeNone,true)

If oResults.Count = 1 Then ' Only try to write if there is one result
                        Dim IDOfResult, IDOfParent
                        Set oRes = oResults.Item(1)
                        IDOfResult = oRes.ObjVer.ID
                        IDOfParent = oRes.ObjVer.ParentID
End If

I'm getting a Type mismatch error: 'Expression.SetValueListItemExpression', I'm not even getting to the 'IDOfParent = oRes.ObjVer.ParentID' part.

What am I doing wrong?