Workflow Infinite Loop

Hello everyone,

Hope this post doesn't seem like an attack but more like an improvement suggestion.

We have a customer's Vault with 260 WF steps including 10 which are "GOTO" steps in order to bypass the infinite loop.

We are not alone, a few posts were already made in the past because of this :

We are thankful that you detect the possibility of an infinite loop but this is way to restrictive and definitily not "administrator friendly".
I suppose the same way you detect the infinite loop you could detect the difference between the trigger days, if the trigger property is changed in the next step, ...

In the article "How to avoid infinite loop", it is said : "Please notice that scripting is not part of standard support and this is just an example script to show how to use API. Be aware that all scripts are run at your own risk." 
Well... "The pot calling the kettle black" because we could take the risks to create an infinite loop as an admin Slight smile

Thank you very much to read me out, one more time hope this doesn't look like a bad review but more like constructive criticism.

P.S. I just want to change a property value after 2 days in a WF and put it in the same step. (If you do have any better idea)


  • Claudio, it is not my responsibility to defend M-Files. However, there are many different circumstances and combinations of same where it may be OK configure a loop. It would be very difficult to validate all conceivable combinations programmatically. Therefore, I think it is fair enough to say: if you go down this road then it is on your own responsibility. It is simple enough to do so, but it is not something you can do by mistake. If you are clever enough to insert a script then you should also be able to debug or turn it off, if you make a mistake.

    Many M-Files resellers have the experience to create scripts and will take responsibility if you stick with what they create for you. Obviously, they will charge you for their services, which is only fair if they shall spend their time and take responsibility.

    That said there may be ways where a loop without scripts could be accepted if the admin somehow signs off on a form relieving M-Files of the responsibility.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your feedback and comment. In my honest opinion, instead of blocking the administrator to NOT create a potential infinite loop, we would have a simple warning saying : "You are potentially creating an infinite loop, do you want to proceed" YES - NO
    I just find that things, as they are now, are not very intuitive.

    When you're programming, you can create an infinite loop if you want : that's your responsibility. So let us create a potential infinite loop on M-Files, that's OUR responsibility Slight smile

    (I'm not saying to change that for every M-Files reseller but at least to have another way to do it --> M-Files Vault Configurations, registry, checkbox, ....)