Push API / webhooks

A customer is asking if M-Files supports Push API and/or Webhooks:

  • That's a very broad question and the very broad answer is yes Slight smile.  M-Files has event handlers (C# code) which trigger in response to objects changing.  These Event Handlers can make API requests to external systems in response to some criteria being met.  This is effectively a web hook.

  • Thank you!!! Really appreciate the quick response!

  • Hi Michael,

    Just wondering if what you are looking for, from looking at the screenshot, is the ability for an external system such as Stripe to push data to M-Files via a standard webhook. While it is true that M-Files has event handlers that trigger response to objects changing in M-Files, this is not a webhook.

    We have sought to integrate with Stripe, and other solutions, in a similar way. However, I have not found a good solution yet.

    One avenue that I have considered is to create a custom webhook server on the M-Files web server that can handle webhooks from external systems and save that data into M-Files.

    I hope that someday M-Files will support creating webhooks natively for external object connections.

  • Hi Fred,

    The customer had this option listed on the RFI document I was filling out. I was unfamiliar with what 'webhooks' was so the screenshot posted was just from something I found. At this point, the customer has not provided details on exactly what they're looking for but this is good info I can use to bounce off them as an example. Thanks so much and I will reply again once I get more details. 

  • I hope that someday M-Files will support creating webhooks natively for external object connections.

    It's interesting that you mention external object connections.  When I am considering the usefulness of web hooks I am normally focused on enabling M-Files to react to events in other systems (e.g. "this document has been signed"), or reacting as part of an external workflow/BPA system.

    The context wrt external object connections would be to notify M-Files when a new customer were created, rather than having to wait for the 15m sync, or notifying that a contact were updated, rather than waiting for the daily one?

  • Great point. And that is exactly what that screenshot I posted seems to elude to. Instead of waiting for polling intervals, updates from external objects would happen in real-time on transactional changes.

  • Hi Michael,

    M-FIles does not expose any webhooks, but you can always pull data from external APIs. You can check out the REST Object Type Connector for M-Files which allows you to do that easily. 

  • Working on a case where the external part wants to deliver data the same way. We are working with DatumCloud.com to supply the connection to which the external part can deliver their data. DatumSync will then forward the data to M-Files via their standard API interface. We will just have to map the properties.