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Hide recurvise relation in hierarchy view

Hello, I have a "Dossier (folder)" object with a "Dossiers enfants (Child folder) " property that calls some others "folder" objects.

The objective being to create a hierachical arborscence. 

In my example Niveau 0 has a property "Dossiers enfants (Child folder) " : 

With UI configuration I hid the lables of the grouping levels to have something more readable.

But above I can see the parent "folder" again in the "folder" grouping level : 

II am not able to hide this grouping level "Folder" that show me a recursive relation. I don't need it. I juste want to see relation based on "Dossiers enfants (Child folder) " property.

if anyone has any idea to hide this type of grouping level it would help a lot.



  • I think you should be able to use the "Match Recursive Related Object Only" option under UI Configuration > Related Object Rules > Hide Specific Relationships from Main Object. You can use the other options to make the rule apply only to Dossiers.

    With this option enabled, I don't see Alex Kramer again under his supervisor's employees, for instance. Perhaps not the most realistic example but hopefully illustrates the idea. Slight smile

  • Hello,

    indeed a simple rule with the main object and hide recursive relation only equal to yes work fine.
    Thanks for your help.


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