M-Files Mobile - Opening .MSG Files

Hello everyone,

The employees in our company and other clients are using M-Files actively. We have recently made the M-Files Mobile app accessible for the users.

So far there is no problem with the mobile application itself but there has been the following issue:

The employees are using Outlook mobile app to read their emails from their phones. They have installed and tested M-Files Mobile App.
They have asked for a way to open .MSG files which they have previously saved to M-Files. (They are frequently using the M-Files Desktop's functionality to click and open saved MSG files from M-Files into Outlook which makes it possible for them to open the attachments from the MSG even if the attachments are not saved to M-files directly).

I understand that M-Files Desktop relies on its deep integration with Windows and Microsoft Office to make that possible.
I also understand that we cannot expect from the mobile apps to have the full functionality of the desktop ones.

However, I would like to know if someone has a solution for this kind of behaviour of the M-Files Mobile app (both Android and iOS phones).
I have tried installing a MSG file viewer from Play Store in order to associate it with this type of files - no success: M-Files Mobile doesn't recognize it as an app with which .MSG files can be opened with.

Everyone is using Outlook for mobile and this cannot be changed due to the way our emails work.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

  • Sounds strange. I have the same type of setup with Outlook on the phone. No problems opening msg files on the phone except it takes a little while.

  • What type of phone are you using - Android, iOS, Windows Phone?
    Do you have any additional software installed which helps opening MSG files from M-Files?

    Also how does it open - only the body of the email or it is viewed as the full email, including attachments

  • The phone is Android, latest version. Outlook was installed from my Office 365 account. I do not believe any other software is involved.

    I can preview the message in M-Files Mobile, and I can open it in Office 365 on the phone. I can not see attached files.

  • Thank you for the answer!

    It's exactly the same behaviour we are experiencing. I just wanted to know if I am missing something - e.g a setting, an additional app to process the MSGs better...

    As I read my initial question, it is actually not quite clear what I mean.
    The clients using Mobile manage to open MSG files but they actually can't see the attachments and apparently that's a big "problem" for them....

    I have explained to the users the different ways they can save the attachments in the multi-file document in M-Files and to not only rely on the MSG file...also the reasons why we cannot expect the same functionality as in the Desktop apps.