Limiting M-Files Assignments

Hi All,

I have a bit of an interesting challenge that I'd like to automate a solution for, but not sure if there's a great solution.

M-Files (unfortunately) has a very limited user base in my organization though I occasionally need to pass through M-Files assignments to non-frequent M-Files users. This means that these non-users do have M-Files user accounts.

One individual in particular (at the corporate level) has said that he will only use M-Files for a specific project for specific tasks (workflow tasks for for reviewing/approving Contract Documents), and that all other M-Files notifications, assignments, etc. will be ignored. Is there a way to only allow assignments to be generated for that individual for the Contract Documents workflow but not for other workflows (e.g., a meeting document approval workflow)?

One (inelegant) idea I have is to create a separate person object that is only visible to the person who initiates the Contract Document approval workflow (that Person object would be labeled such that it's obvious what it's for). The user account for that particular User would be tied to that person object. The person object that everyone else can see would not be tied to a user account (and thus wouldn't receive automatically-generated M-Files assignments.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance