Deleting properties used in NACLs

Hi M-Files and community, 

Today we have managed to delete properties from class and than finally from vault completely without any suggestion from M-Files that those properties are used in NACLs.

When properties got deleted (also completely from Vault), they were just gone and not any more present in those NACLs (as they were never there). 

Some time ago this was not possible, there is an entry in forum where M-Files actually helped us to solve the problem (even not really in clearly stating where the problem is):

In June 2021 version, this seems not to work anymore and there is no protection of deleting metadata when they are used in NACLs.

This must be a bug.

Anyone else experiencing similar behaviour?

I have to admit that Admin tool lacks on clear protection when touching and changing properties. It seems only that classes are correctly protected. This really needs improvement.

Best regards,