Last modified in Fully automated workflow?

In my case all transitions are automatic based on different criteria. Now in every case last modified is M-Files server. I have user that could be used stored in property.

fUser = CurrentUserID
Dim oCurrentUserTypedValue : Set oCurrentUserTypedValue = CreateObject( "MFilesAPI.TypedValue" )
oCurrentUserTypedValue.SetValue MFDataTypeLookup, fUser
Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.SetLastModificationInfoAdmin ObjVer, True, oCurrentUserTypedValue, False, Nothing

-> M-Files Server

fUser = 1322

-> M-Files Server

I have to use code in every transition so that M-Files accepts it. If M-Files would allow "infinite loops" I would not need code and I probably would get right Last modified.

So how do I get that code to work or some other way?


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  • That is way I've been trying to tackle this but without success.

    Workflow changes are activated by metadata change that is done by some user. Acceptance workflow for example.

    Document is in Review-state. I tick box that says Rejected and save -> workflow will jump to Rejected state and then automatically back to Review-state. All state changes are made by M-FIles server even though it was me who caused it in the first place. I have not found a place or way to change that user info.