JsonConfEditor(Commentable = true) -> nice feature

/// <summary>
/// <see langword="true"/> if owner aliases should be reset even if they have already got a valid alias
/// (option only available if the first is true)
/// </summary>
    Label = "Besitzer-Aliasse neu setzen",
    DefaultValue = false,
    Commentable = true,
    Hidden = true,
    ShowWhen = ".parent._children{.key == 'FillOwnerAliases' && .value == true }",
    HelpText = "Konfigurieren Sie hier, ob auch bereits gefüllte Aliasse von Besitzer-Eigenschaften neu gesetzt werden sollen.")]
public bool ResetOwnerAliases { get; set; } = false;

I was on a little reasearch trip within the VAF-Configuration API. I guess that the dashboard features could be very nice if they were better documented - perhaps with little simple example code fragments - HelpTextResourceId  is good but what abound multi-language labels.
Just using owhn editors or customizing the existing editors - I guess using a standard library - perhaps only for grouping properties or changing some colors - staff like this. I guess this would be a separated discussion what would be fine and where to find examples.

Just starting here perhaps.