Filter a value list based on a used template

Hello everyone,

We have a value list (lets say a document type list) used in a property of a defined class (e.g project documents). We uploaded 2 different templates (e.g. procedure and plan) for this class.

We want these value list to be filtered if one of the these templates are chosen without creating two separate property instead of one.

For example: If plan template is chosen, I want to see "risk management plan, project management plan, stakeholder management plan etc." in the list, but not  "document approval procedure, test procedure etc."

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks a lot,

  • Hi there.  I think what could be possible is to leverage an object type to provide the ability to filter the value list items.  This object types function would simply be used to define filtration, one object would have the values for the plan template, the second object would have the values for the procedure template.  Each of these templates would have the filter object with the respective value settings selected in a hidden field on the template.  The metadata field from which the user selects the specific value should be set to filter based on the hidden value and this SHOULD provide the filtering functionality you're looking for.  There could of course be other ways to achieve this, certainly nuances are hard to distill in a a single paragraph/question/response so it may be worth discussing this with your preferred services provider as well.  I do believe the approach I've provided should achieve the results you're hoping for.