Icinga2 Plugins for checking M-Files


The GitHub repository above contains open source plugins for monitoring with Icinga / Icinga2 where you can monitor e.g. server certificates, windows event log entries and many more.

Does anyone has implemented some additional plugins for monitoring M-Files inside, as for example:

  • Specific vault is online (VERY IMPORTANT because it came not back after an update twice!)
  • Percentage of user licenses are in use
  • Background tasks of a specific type where successful
  • Import from files system was successful / failed


Other monitoring plugins like disk free, CPU usage etc. can be used from standard - only the standard M-Files functions as partly already available in Admin Client should also be checkable by Icinga2 to create an incident if our system is unavailable like Tuesday morning 8-9 am CET and Friday morning 8:00-8:30 am CET.

If not with Icinga2: Which monitoring tool  (Nagios etc.) do you use for all hardware / software / VM monitoring checks needed where our platform team will be warned on monitoring monitors for configured critical options. This monitoring should be enhanced to functionality which can also check inside M-Files, e.g. iif the latest puchase invoive document is older than 2 monath.