Removing ID from Filename when Drag&Drop Files --> Distributing IncludeIDsInNamesInIDView via Custom Vault Data

Hi all,

when dragging&dropping files from the M-Files client to the desktop or into an E-Mail, the ID name of the file is added to the filename. There are a couple articles describing how to disable this with this registry key: 


I am trying to distribute this setting via Custom Vault Data but I am unable to set it. This is what I tried:

Can somebody help with this configuration to successfully distribute this key? Or can this key only get distributed via GPO?


  • This setting is a client setting which is not specific to any vault, so it's not possible to distribute it via Custom Vault Data which can only be used for vault-specific settings. You can see that from the registry key: there is no vault GUID or vault name mentioned.

    I think your best option is to distribute the setting via GPO or some other management solution.