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Best Practice & Document Collections

Dear Forum, 

I have use case I would like to ask you for advice about.

We have a department that needs to collate a number of documents (lets say 50-100) for submission to an external party. This department at the moment classifies these documents broadly speaking as "attachments". My idea was to have a document class called Attachment (the broad class would mean that others departments could also utilize this class) and in this particular case we would link to the relevant Object which is the main "parent" of this information.

The idea here is that the:

  1. 100 Attachments could be dragged and dropped into M-Files and saved as doc class = "attachment" which link to a particular object
  2. These 100 attachments can then be collated into a document collection and shared with the relevant parties
  3. Attachments can always be filtered by the linked object which creates a "clean-looking" view for the end user i.e. view by object = document collection etc. 

For those experienced M-Files Users, do you have a better or more efficient way of managing such a case? If yes can you please share your wisdom :) 

Does the above seem too complicated or open to major future issues? Is there an easier method we could employ?

thanks and best regards,