Unable to change object's metadata or workflow state for specific class

Hi all!

I'm facing a problem where I can't change objects' metadata or workflow state anymore for specific class. I can still check in and out the documents and those changes are saved. When I try to change any metadata or workflow state for the object by clicking the "Save" button, nothing happens. When I try to click away from the object e.g. by selecting other object, the system states that I have unsaved changes to the object and shows the three options "Save", "Do not Save" and "Cancel". Again, when trying to click "Save", nothing happens. The only option every time is to select "Do not Save". Same thing happens with workflows. In addition, I am unable to even add comments to the objects.

This problem even prevents me from creating new objects for this class. When selecting this class for a new object and trying to proceed with clicking the "Create" button, nothing happens. I don't get any pop-up errors besides the "unsaved changes".

As a vault Admin, I am able to force change the workflow states, but for a regular user this does not fix the issue. I have checked the structure of this specific class several times to assure that there are no required properties that create this problem. I even have exported the configurations and metadata structure to a test vault but I couldn't recreate the issue there. Has anyone faced similar issue or got any tips on how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!