I'm still new with VAF and things around it, so i run into a little problem with MFiles.CreateObjectCLR.
I have readed, that this functionality lock distributed DLL and cannot be deleted/replaced until i shutdow explorer.exe.
So, what is alternative?
I need some DLL or something that run on client side.
Now I got DLL with two functions 1 - child modal window with client like a parent, one input text box (using output in code later) and OK button.
2 - some clipboard operations.
With CreateObjectCLR is window showing and clipboard working, until i made new version, in that moment i need drop explorer.exe process.
The second problem is, when i distributed thoose on another client. Modal window show, operations after click button are ok, but there is end.
Code shut, no return to UI, where i show result.

Thanks for help

  • Hi,

    Using managed assemblies within the UIX is awkward, especially for the primary reason that you mentioned: Windows Explorer locks the DLL and it makes updates (especially during active development) very difficult.

    My recommendation is to avoid using managed assemblies within the UIX if you can instead perform the same thing using standard HTML dashboards.