Effective permissions with multiple source

Hello everyone,

I'm implementing Advanced Outlook Addin and we need to set permissions for mails based on a property "Department" (which is a value list), so far so good.
We want to insert more than one department if a mail needs to be consulted by people in different departments and now comes the problem. If we have more than one department the selected permissions settings (source) does an 'AND' condition which means that if I put 2 departments there will only consider the users that are in both departments...

Is it possible to have multiple source permissions with an 'OR' condition in order to have the effective permissions in both departments ?

Thanks for your answers

  • Hello, 

    We had the same requirement here where more than one department may require access to the document. We have done this by making use of the named access control lists (NACL). We created an NACL which has multiple groups and properties set up within it. So if you add the department property to the NACL with the required permissions. By doing this we only get one Permission set on the object thus no implementation of AND and the NACL object behaves like an OR.