Automatic templates from metadata

Can I massively create different types of templates in M-Files automatically consuming metadata from another system?

For example:

Our Client will give us metadata to generate different types of contract annexes, for each type of document M-Files should generate a template in Word which once generated will be sent to a flow. This is possible? any idea how it could be executed?

thanks for your help

  • This might be possible, depending on the detailed requirements and the number of documents to be generated (per day). I was once involved in a case where we implemented the following process:

    1. Contract data was read from an external system as an external object type and these external objects were put automatically in a workflow.
    2. In the first workflow state we used a VAF application to create a new contract document based on an existing template in the vault. Metadata values were copied in the application code from the Contract object to the new document.
    3. The newly-created document was then entered into its own workflow, where we called the UpdateMetadataInFile method in the first state to fill in the metadata values to the template.

    This approach should work if the number of documents to be generated is relatively low and evenly spread over time. If your client needs to continuously generate a large number of documents then M-Files is probably not the right tool for that and I would consider using third-party document generation software that could be integrated with M-Files so that the externally generated documents could be stored to the vault.