Database Optimization Thorough not running successfully since last update 21.9

Is anyone else seeing this? 

The optimize process seems to hang. 

Since the September 21.9 update, we've been having a number of issues and we've had a couple of support tickets related to issues such as:

  • Assignments don't show up for users
  • notifications emails don't get sent
  • dynamic permissions don't update
  • advanced server configurations cannot be saved
  • external sources/connections to folder sources do not import

So far we have rebooted our server to resolve the issue, but is impacting user confidence when M-Files is not reliably notifying or providing access. We have even done just the restart of MFServer Service, but it just hangs in "stopping". 

We have a ticket open for these behaviours, but wanted to see if anyone else in the community has noticed anything.  

Maybe it's not the update, as we have also added 300,000 document objects to our vault as we are decomissioning an old EDRMS. 

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  • Hi all, so we identified that we were missing  .NET 4.7.2 

    it was required for M-Files18 after a certain version.

    It appears that the processes that previously were crashing are now running successfully. We are currently monitoring to ensure this has resolved the issue that we were previously seeing, as we were constantly rebooting the M-Files server.