Workflow Control Light - invalid links for retired documents

Hi community, 

I have experienced that in cases document is retired through WCL the link shown beside is invalid.

When I click on link, I get following error:

MFStatusApp.cpp, 496, Opening the URL "m-files-desktop://show/E0C4AA34-5DF1-447E-9F6B-4E593CFE7AF9/0-3558?object=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" failed. (0x80040105)
MFStatusApp.cpp, 496, Not found. (0x8004000B)
MFilesURLHandler.cpp, 507, Not found. (0x8004000B)
MFilesURLHandler.cpp, 593, Not found. (0x8004000B)
MFilesURLHandler.cpp, 3297, Not found. (0x8004000B)
MFilesURLHandler.cpp, 3057, Not found. (0x8004000B)
MFilesURLHandler.cpp, 2753, Not found. (0x8004000B)
CoVaultMountingDocumentOperations.cpp, 2011, Not found. (0x8004000B)
VaultStateDocOperations.cpp, 1348, Not found. (0x8004000B)
VaultStateDocOperations.cpp, 946, Not found. (0x8004000B)
DocumentCache.cpp, 1951, Not found. (0x8004000B)
DocumentCache.cpp, 2126, Not found. (0x8004000B)
DocumentCache.cpp, 2197, Not found. (0x8004000B)
IRPCObjectOperations.generated.cpp, 3388, Not found. (0x8004000B)
gRPCClient.cpp, 481, Not found. (0x8004000B)
gRPCClient.cpp, 450, Not found. (0x8004000B)
gRPCClient.cpp, 88, Not found. (0x8004000B)
gRPC.generated.cpp, 12244, Not found. (0x8004000B)
RPCDocumentOperations.cpp, 6521, Not found. (0x8004000B)
MCallInLoop.h, 712, Not found. (0x8004000B)
RPCDocumentOperationsHelper.cpp, 6078, Not found. (0x8004000B)
(M-Files 21.10.10725.5)

If I remove the last part: "?object=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" the link works correctly. Could this be a bug in compliance kit or WCL? I still have CK 2020 (20.10.911.3) in use. Do you know about this one?