Batch Create NDOs? (Not from prior Value List)

Just throwing this out there:

As the archivist, I've found it immensely helpful that we've created an object called "Box" -- and I relate documents that were physically in that box. Plus I'll have a workflow for managing what's active, destroyed, digitized...etc.

But as we are packing up our office, I've been moving new boxes and I want to create these in M-Files, so far I create the new NDOs one by one - is there any way I can create a batch of NDOs?

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  • Ah! wow, I've learned so much this year! 

    I didn't know how to use the importer tool last year, but this year it's been critical to our success as we have migrated content, as well as adjusted existing content. 

    Thank you for your guidance Tom! We are finishing this year feeling accomplished and ready for the next year's projects. 

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