M-Files Aino Enhancements: Explore new capabilities to help end-users increase productivity.

M-Files Aino Enhancements: Explore new capabilities to help end-users increase productivity.

M-Files Aino GenAI technology

Discover the power of M-Files Aino, our latest feature designed to transform how you manage and interact with your documents. By integrating state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, M-Files Aino offers you an exceptional level of support, allowing you to dive into your documents with ease. Experience the convenience of AI-driven summaries and receive precise answers to your document-related questions in any language you work with.

  • What: An "M-Files Assistant" with a human language interface
  • Why: Automates manual tasks and makes it easier and faster to find and interact with content in M-Files
  • How: Adding generative AI capabilities to our platform

M-Files Aino Enhancements - General availability on 19 June 2024

M-Files Aino represents a leap forward in knowledge work automation, enabling knowledge workers process vast amounts of information quickly, get answers to complex questions based on their organization's data, arrive at conclusions faster, and saving these insights as searchable metadata. Aino's multilingual capabilities support global businesses by summarizing documents and answering questions in any language.

M-Files Aino understands business context, accessing only relevant and authorized data. M-Files' metadata foundation drives data connectivity, confidentiality, and curation, enabling superior AI experiences. With the highest standards of data security and regulatory compliance, M-Files Aino ensures that all interactions are protected and governed by organizational policies.

The benefits of the new capabilities are the following:

  • Reach across all your data: Aino can handle complex questions and look for answers from all data in M-Files.
  • Interact through conversation: Aino assists in refining results or thoroughly processing a topic through ongoing conversation.
  • Get accurate results: Aino gives users greater confidence over results by allowing you to easily define the scope of the question and showing where the answers were found.

Benefits you can already experience with the current M-Files Aino:

  • AI-Powered Summaries: M-Files Aino generates concise, intelligent summaries of documents, enabling quicker comprehension and review. Summaries and Q&A interactions can be saved as enriched metadata, improving document searchability and knowledge retrieval.
  • Language-Independent Queries: Ask questions and receive answers about document content in any language, facilitating global collaboration and understanding.
  • Streamlined Information Discovery: Rapidly locate essential information with the help of AI, cutting through data clutter and saving valuable time.
  • Maintained Compliance and Security: Tap into M-Files Aino's advanced AI capabilities without compromising data security or compliance.

The value created by any AI application depends on the quality of the input data. Our metadata foundation drives superior AI experiences due to connectivity, confidentiality, and curation capabilities in M-Files.




AI needs access to the right information resources to
provide real value.

AI must comply with the organization's information security policy and must not disclose information the user is not entitled to.

AI should only access relevant and up-to-date information to ensure the accuracy of responses.

M-Files Aino

Customers usually deploy the M-Files platform to cover cross-departmental needs and end-to-end processes. This enables Aino to access most of the important documents organizations have.

M-Files automates permissions for users, ensuring that everyone has access to only relevant information. Aino uses the same permissions the user has. Aino itself is hosted in the M-Files Cloud, retaining the same level of security as the customer documents.

All documents in M-Files are classified and placed in context with relationships and properties. Automated version history ensures that Aino accesses the right version. Automated archiving allows the cleaning of outdated information. When asking questions, users can easily define context helping Aino to provide accurate answers.

Video: A Quick Introduction to M-Files Aino

Your Challenge - Finding the right information.

Have you encountered situations where sifting through a lengthy document or digging through a mountain of information becomes a necessity? Finding the right document is only the first step in finding the information you need.

You may not have the time, patience and/or means to read through an entire document to find the information you need. Especially if the document is lengthy, keyword search becomes the only practical option, and it becomes problematic if you don't know exactly what to search for.

Adding M-Files Aino Generative AI capabilities.

We enhance your operational efficiency through M-Files Aino, providing improved access and utilization of information embedded in your documents. When you're more productive, so is your business. Experience a streamlined and effective approach to accessing essential information within your document content.

What sets M-Files Aino apart?

Your data remains secure. Your data is never used to train the AI, your data never leaves the M-Files Cloud. M-Files Aino avoids "hallucinations" by grounding all its responses in the knowledge found in your content and metadata. Aino is built into M-Files, we aren’t using a chatbot like ChatGPT. We have embedded our own safeguards to ensure all answers are business-appropriate.

With M-Files Aino, tackle the challenge of information overload head-on, allowing you to concentrate on more strategic tasks that add value to your business. Incorporate M-Files Aino into your workflow and enjoy the benefits of increased accuracy and a sharper competitive edge in today's rapidly changing digital world.

M-Files Aino

Please note that M-Files Aino is included only in the M-Files Business Platform Edition Subscription, excluding subscriptions with limited functionality. Please contact your account executive or submit a contact request if you would like to upgrade to the Business Edition platform and take advantage of M-Files Aino.

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