M-Files Public Link

Hello everyone, 

A few days ago, I had to send a public link to our subcontractor. The person who I sent the public link had a Yahoo email address. And when I sent the link to them, they couldn't open the link for downloading the file. They say the link had a lot of unnecessary characters and when they clicked the link it said invalid or expired. I've given the expiration date for two weeks. I've sent the link to the organizational email address and they worked perfectly fine. But for those who provided us with a private email address, somehow public link wasn't sent properly. Well, it was okay if I could find it from a lot of unknown characters and copy it to my web browser and push the Enter button.. But do we need those mechanical works? Is there any problem with public links sent to a private email addresses? 

This is the link that our subcontractor received. And the yellow highlighted link is the actual link that I sent and I had to copy it to the web browser by myself to open it. 


> &VaultGUID=14743BD1-47E4-4238-99D8-5B602953EE28