4. Managing Permissions 14-15 June 2023

A true information management is all about having the right kind of information available for those who need it and also the possibility to restrict it from those who don’t. That’s why, M-Files offers multiple ways for setting up permissions to match each organization’s needs. 


  • Introduces you to the principles and possibilities of setting permission in M-Files
  • Provides you with understanding of automatic, metadata-based permissions
  • Gives you tips and best practices on setting permissions e.g. for your project documentation 

During the training, there will be several examples and practical exercises introduced to help to get familiar with permissions. Participants will have a virtual training environment set up where everyone can practice safely. To get the best experience, use of two screens (laptop and an extra one) is recommended but not required. After the training, you’ll have an understanding of the permissions in M-Files and are capable of configuring automatic permissions in your organization’s environment. The number of participants in a training group is small and there are always two trainers so the participants have the possibility to get personal guidance if needed.


Managing permissions in M-Files training is suitable for IT managers and M-Files administrators responsible for data security and document management. Participating into the training doesn’t require an extensive knowledge of managing IT systems. A basic understanding of M-Files metadata structure is recommended to better understand the concept of automatic and metadata-based permissions. 

The training will be held remotely for two consecutive days, lasting total of 8 hours. The training days runs from 8.30 am to 1 pm UK time (UTC +1) / 10.30 am to 3 pm Finnish time (UTC +3). There are short breaks during the training day. 


This training is a part of M-Files Academy Business Administrator training program, that consists of four (4) training topics. The price of the Business Administrator training program is 3 995 € / person (vat 0 %). Separately the price for the training is 995 € / person (vat 0 %). The price includes the training, the training material and the virtual environment for the participants. 


The training consists of two online sessions lasting 4,5 hours each, a total of 9 hours. All sessions run at 10 pm - 2.30 pm UK time (UTC +1) / 12.00 - 16.30 Finnish time (UTC +3). There are short breaks during the training day.

Training day 1: 14th June 2023

Training day 2: 15th June 2023