Webinar | M-Files Hubshare: An all-in-one portal to boost your digital experience

Webinar | M-Files Hubshare: An all-in-one portal to boost your digital experience


Connect all your information in one dashboard, and create branded, customized hubs for your stakeholders with the M-Files Hubshare collaboration solution.


What is M-Files Hubshare?

M-Files Hubshare is a document management and collaborative workspace solution that allows you to create fully customizable collaboration hubs. We provide you and your clients with innovative features to streamline daily work, optimize your time, and expedite your business processes — in a 100% customizable and secure environment.

An M-Files hub is a secure, modular & customizable workspace. Invite people from inside and outside your company and create as many M-Files hubs as you want.

During this webinar, you'll discover how M-Files Hubshare can enable you to:

  • Build secure client portals to encourage collaborative working.
  • Save time and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Customize and brand client portals to elevate stakeholder relationships. 

What our customers think about M-Files Hubshare.

“Since we have been using M-Files Hubshare, our top-down and cross-functional communication has been transformed.”

Anne-Cécile Healy
Marketing Communication Manager - Latourenie Wolfrom

Is this webinar for you?

If you want all your information in one dashboard and to collaborate with your stakeholders through a customizable hub — then this webinar is for you!


Teemu Piiroinen: Product Manager, M-Files

Mustapha Laouari: Tech Leader for Hubshare, M-Files

Baptiste Tamburini: Product Team Leader, M-Files