Webinar | M-Files Process Maps: Maximize productivity using this handy visual aid

Webinar | M-Files Process Maps: Maximize productivity using this handy visual aid


Watch this webinar to see how M-Files Process Maps can put information in a visual context and guides users to relevant content. See the product in action, ask questions directly from our director of product portfolio management, and access exclusive content during this session!

The brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text, M-Files Process Maps capitalizes on this by providing functionality which gives organizations the ability to turn M-Files content and relationships into visual representations.

You will uncover how:

  • Process Documentation helps visualize rules and regulations using visual process flow graphics.
  • Job aids and Home Maps provide users with customizable interactive maps that offer guidance and instructions dynamically.
  • Workload Charts and Dashboard gives organizations profound insight into business performance and progress at any given time.

Duration: 45 mins (30 mins presentation; 15 mins live Q&A)

In a world where information is key, organizations rely heavily on the ability of users to understand and retain information.  This reliance can lead to human error and poor business decisions. Give your users the comfort of seeing information in a visual context with M-Files Process Maps.

Experience these key business benefits with this add-on for visual thinkers:

  • Better understanding of company procedures.
  • A greater understanding of the decision-making required from users.
  • Valuable insights into business performance and progress.

Who is this for?

If you rather see information in a visual context, then join us to learn how turning M-Files content into visualizations can increase organizational productivity and efficiency.

Speaker: Frank Taliano, Director, Product Portfolio Management, M-Files

Frank Taliano