M-Files Aino Webinar Mar 2024

Webinar | M-Files in action: Learn about the integral role Generative AI plays in knowledge work automation


Watch this webinar to learn how the M-Files knowledge work automation platform can provide your organization with the power to transform how you manage and interact with documents and other information.

With M-Files Aino, our Generative AI functionality, knowledge workers can tackle the challenge of information overload head-on, allowing them to concentrate on more strategic tasks that add value to your business and give your organization a competitive edge in today's rapidly changing digital world.

Here are a few of the benefits you will see during this webinar:

  • AI-Powered Summaries: M-Files Aino generates concise, intelligent summaries of documents, enabling quicker comprehension and review. 
  • Language-Independent Queries: Knowledge workers can ask questions and receive answers about document content in any language, facilitating global collaboration and understanding.
  • Streamlined Information Discovery: Knowledge workers can rapidly locate essential information with the help of AI, cutting through data clutter and saving valuable time.
  • Maintain Compliance and Security: Companies can leverage M-Files Aino's advanced AI capabilities without compromising data security or compliance.


15 mins: Introduction to M-Files AI and M-Files point of view
15 mins: M-Files Aino demo
5 mins: Customer Benefits
10 mins: Q&A

Webinar duration: 48 minutes (Presentation + Demo + Q&A)

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Ville Somppi

Vice President, Industry Solutions


Rick Scanlan

Manager, Americas Sales Engineering