NEW! Learning Resources on the M-Files Community

NEW! Learning Resources on the M-Files Community

One click gets you the video guides, announcements, and webinars you need.

There are so many M-Files resources available, but how do you keep track of where to find them all? The M-Files Community is your home base. And that home base just expanded to deliver more of you what need.

New on the M-Files Community:

Learning Resources. This is your homepage for learning about M-Files. Find training content, news, and webinars drawn together in one place. Our Enablement & Training team is working to produce new content on a steady basis. So be sure to visit this page regularly to see what's new.

Free Video Guides. These short, easy-to-digest videos for users and business administrators are always a favorite with customers. The user videos take you through M-Files basics, while the admin videos take it up a notch to topics like metadata structure, views, workflows, and permissions.

Webinars & Training Events. M-Files offers webinars to help customers bring their M-Files knowledge to the next level. Register for a live event, or find an on-demand event and watch it right now.

Customer Success News. This is your new favorite news channel (and the channel on which you're reading this post). Subscribe to this blog to be the first to get news about new training and customer success resources.

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