New M-Files Design Essentials Course Now Available in M-Files Academy

New M-Files Design Essentials Course Now Available in M-Files Academy

We are proud to announce that a renewed M-Files Design Essentials course is now available in M-Files Academy!

We invite you to check it out and promote it to your colleagues, especially if you are in the design phase of your M-Files implementation. 

What is M-Files Design Essentials? And who is it for?

M-Files Design Essentials is aimed at companies who are in the design or expansion phase of their M-Files journey. The target audience is anybody in the organization who contributes to designing the M-Files solution. The goal of the course is to prime the design project team to have effective discussions with the M-Files representatives during the design process.

The course introduces the learner to the M-Files mindset and terminology and offers best practices for designing an M-Files system that best serves your business needs.

After taking the course, the project team members have a clear understanding of their role in the project, they understand what can be achieved with M-Files, and how their business practices and processes can be modeled in M-Files.

Note that the course does not train the learner to use or configure M-Files but introduces them to the design principles of the M-Files system.

How is the course structured?

The overall duration of the course is roughly 2 hours and it’s divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction (13 minutes)
  • Metadata Structure (26 minutes)
  • Views (30 minutes)
  • Workflows (27 minutes)
  • Permissions (23 minutes)
  • Integrations (10 minutes)

Each section contains a course unit with theory, demos, and exercises.

Why did we renew the course?

The Digital User Enablement team here at M-Files previously renewed M-Files Design Essentials in 2019 and they saw that the old course no longer reflected their educational practices and ways how they talk about M-Files. Here are some of the things they focused on with the new course:

  • better targeting of the target audience, that is, clients' project team members
  • better alignment with our current product offerings and vision
  • better application of the Digital User Enablement team's pedagogical skills and practices

The new course has an improved focus on best design practices and questions that prime the learner to discuss with the M-Files representative which, in turn, drives faster project scoping and design process.

Where can I access the course?

The new course is automatically assigned to all M-Files Academy users who have not completed the old M-Files Design Essentials course. It is available on your learner dashboard when you log in to M-Files Academy.

I have completed the old M-Files Design Essentials course, but I still want to take the new course. What do I do?

You can indeed take the new M-Files Design Essentials course even if you have completed the old one. To do so, just log in to M-Files Academy and then navigate to Course Catalog. In there, you can search and enroll in the course.

New M-Files Design Essentials Course

Check out the course in M-Files Academy!

Please contact your main M-Files contact to request access to the M-Files Academy. If they have access, then the Academy admin can provide you with the login details. If they do not have and then your company probably does not have a Platform edition, then your company will need to buy the subscription.

Alternatively, you can contact for more information.