The New and Improved M-Files Academy is now live!

The New and Improved M-Files Academy is now live!

If you're already an M-Files Training Subscription Customer, good news, you're all set to dive into the new academy experience. We've already migrated your account, courses, and learning records, so all that's left to do is access your account here.

Your credentials to login and access instructions were sent to your email earlier this month. If you have any questions or if you have issues accessing the new platform, please contact the Academy team at 

And just note that the improvements don't stop here. We've been working on a lot behind the scenes to bring you the best academy experience that we can offer. Here's what we have in our roadmap:

  • A completely new M-Files Business Administrator Course
    • We will release parts of the course as they are complete. The whole course is estimated to be complete by Summer 2022
  • M-Files Fundamentals - A series of fun and engaging animated videos to help users understand metadata and why it's better than using, for instance, folders.
    • We will release each video as we produce them. The whole series will be complete by Summer 2022
  • More M-Files Tutorials

If you aren't using M-Files Academy, why not? Blush
At M-Files, we understand that change is always difficult, no matter the change. That's why we offer M-Files Academy, to help facilitate change and drive user adoption.

M-Files Academy is part of our training subscription, which is our most cost effective and convenient training program for users of all levels, throughout the organization.

If you're interested in learning more, reach out to your M-Files representative and in the meantime, here's a sneak peek of our new M-Files Academy: