Webinar | Explore M-Files Aino Enhancements and M-Files Connector for Copilot

Webinar | Explore M-Files Aino Enhancements and M-Files Connector for Copilot

Join us for an exclusive webinar to discover the latest advancements in our AI strategy with two groundbreaking releases.

  • Wednesday 26 June: 06:00 CDT / 14:00 EEST / 11:00 GMT
  • Thursday 27 June: 10:00 CDT / 18:00 EEST / 15:00 GMT

M-Files Aino Enhancements: Revolutionize productivity with cutting-edge GenAI capabilities.

M-Files Aino represents a leap forward in knowledge work automation, enabling knowledge workers to process vast amounts of information quickly, get answers to complex questions based on their organization's data, arrive at conclusions faster, and save these insights as searchable metadata.

Join the webinar to witness the business benefits of M-Files Aino's enhanced capabilities:

  • Reach across all your data: Aino can handle complex questions and look for answers from all data in M-Files.
  • Interact through conversation: Aino assists in refining results or thoroughly processing a topic through ongoing conversation.
  • Get accurate results: Aino gives users greater confidence over results by allowing you to easily define the scope of the question and showing where the answers were found.

M-Files Connector for Copilot: Integrate AI seamlessly across M-Files and Microsoft 365.

The M-Files Connector for Copilot empowers your organization to enhance productivity and data utilization across platforms. By seamlessly publishing selected information from M-Files to the Microsoft 365 platform, it ensures that Microsoft Copilot can leverage crucial data while maintaining the strictest security protocols.

We will showcase how you can:

  • Enhance Data Accessibility
  • Maintain Security and Compliance
  • Customize Data Control

Why Attend?

  • Exclusive Insights: Learn about the latest GenAI capabilities and how they can transform your productivity.
  • Live Demo: See the new features in action and understand their real-world applications.
  • Expert Q&A: Interact with our experts and get your questions answered.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead with the latest AI advancements.


Frank Taliano
Director, Product Portfolio Management
Jayson deVries
Product Manager,
David Robertson
Director of Sales Engineering, Global Strategic Accounts

As the Director of Product Portfolio Management, Frank manages the overall health and growth of the M-Files portfolio of products, ensuring alignment with our corporate strategy and the needs of our users. This includes products developed by M-Files and the management of products developed by our partners through the Solution Partner programs. Prior to his 8 years at M-Files, Frank worked in various roles at OpenText and other Content Management vendors.

Jayson joined M-Files in 2017 as a Product Manager for Artificial Intelligence. Since then, he has played an integral role in leading the development of M-Files’ AI product capabilities. With a strong background in software development and architecture spanning over two decades, Jayson brings valuable expertise to the team. As the Director of Sales Engineering at M-Files, David's team across EMEA is responsible for bringing solutions to life with M-Files customers. David's background is consulting in the information management space with a variety of products and in different markets. He has played a lots of roles, from developer to business analysis, to consulting and sales engineering. In more recent years, David has enjoyed sales engineering as an individual contributor and now as a leader.