Webinar | Product Update: Learn how to use M-Files’ new end-to-end capabilities.

Webinar | Product Update: Learn how to use M-Files’ new end-to-end capabilities.


Discover the latest M-Files product innovations and learn how you can harness these new end-to-end capabilities to fully leverage the benefits of knowledge work automation.

Top takeaways:

  • Witness practical use cases demonstrating new M-Files capabilities.
  • Learn how you can automate complex end-to-end processes to increase your productivity.
  • See the new, improved M-Files web client.

Here's what's on the agenda:

Antti Nivala, Founder & CEO, M-Files: Antti will address the latest advancements in our GenAI technology, M-Files Aino. Witness how it’s reshaping the way knowledge workers, much like yourself, harness the power of M-Files.

Ville Somppi, SVP of Industry Solutions, M-Files: Ville will talk about the newest M-Files capabilities and give you a sneak peek into the exciting product updates on the horizon. Discover our new user experience, web improvements, end-to-end capabilities from Ment to M-Files to Hubshare.

Kyle Gillette, Senior Sales Engineer, M-Files: Kyle will demonstrate how you can seamlessly incorporate these new M-Files capabilities into your daily work—from start to finish.

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