Available Now: M-Files Ment Integration to the M-Files Platform

Available Now: M-Files Ment Integrated to the M-Files Platform

Experience seamless integration! M-Files Ment's advanced document automation is now integrated into M-Files' efficient knowledge work automation platform.

You can now enjoy generating documents using the powerful engine of Ment, added with:

  1. Starting point for document generation journey in your familiar M-Files environment
  2. Automatic pre-filling of metadata to the Ment questionnaire, and - 
  3. Saving generated documents directly to M-Files, including the metadata! 

M-Files Ment is a next-generation document automation tool that helps seamlessly generate complex, data-driven documents quickly and consistently. M-⁠Files Ment is the first 100% visual, no-code automation interface tool that removes the barriers of complex document automation processes.

The integration of M-Files Ment and M-Files presents a revolutionary solution designed to empower knowledge workers in various fields. By combining M-Files Ment's intuitive, no-code document automation capabilities with M-Files' robust document management system, this solution streamlines the creation, organization, storage, and retrieval of complex, data-driven documents.

It is crafted to enhance the efficiency, precision, and compliance of document handling processes, key to the work of knowledge professionals. This integration enables businesses to digitize and scale their operations effectively, thereby enhancing overall productivity and client services.

Now you will have a comprehensive, sector-agnostic solution that brings together the strengths of M-Files Ment's document automation and M-Files' knowledge work automation expertise.

The business benefits of this seamless integration between M-Files and M-Files Ment:

  • Save time and money: Document automation saves time by minimizing repetitive manual tasks, allowing your knowledge workers to focus on high-value projects.
  • Boost profitability: Document automation helps eliminate information chaos, significantly increasing knowledge work productivity. Profitability increases when you're able to deliver “two hours of work in only ten minutes.”
  • Reduce business risk with ironclad, compliant documents: Reduce risk and avoid legal disputes via automated enforcement security policies with the assurance that only the right people have access to sensitive information.
  • Take employee satisfaction to the next level: Who could possibly enjoy dull copy-and-paste manual tasks? Easy-to-use, no-code document automation unleashes your knowledge workers to work on high-value tasks, boosting employee satisfaction.

Knowledge work automation just got stronger!

  • M-Files allows knowledge workers to automate their processes, from document creation and management to workflow automation, external collaboration, enterprise search, security, compliance, and audit trail.
  • Earlier this year M-Files acquired Ment, a leading no-code document automation solution.
  • Ment enables rapid automation and generation of complex documents thanks to its unique 100% automation interface.
  • Ment has been welcomed with excitement and we are now ready to unveil the results of our latest development.

Experience enhanced document organization and retrieval, critical for maintaining official records and ensuring accuracy and consistency in your documents.

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How to do this in practice on your templates?

Using M-Files as the data source for your automated templates

  1. Simply go to Organization settings – combine the M-Files vaults into your Ment account with one click.
  2. Select the vault as the data source for your template in template settings.
  3. Automate normally using the 1-2-3 steps – this time just select the data source per question-and-answer field.
  4. Define in template settings what M-Files metadata you want to use for generated documents.

That's it, you are on your way to smarter document automation.

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