Compliance Kit January '24 Release is Now Available

Compliance Kit January '24 Release is Now Available

Dear Customers,

We're excited to introduce the latest Compliance Kit release, featuring significant enhancements to streamline your compliance management processes.

This update includes:

  • 9 performance boosts spanning Managed Properties, User Synchronization, and Controlled Printing, ensuring smoother operations and resource optimization.
  • Fixes for URL generation where M-Files Web links ended in slashes or contained custom ports or path components.
  • Fixes for edge-cases around training records, guaranteeing uninterrupted compliance training.
  • Fixes for PDF conversion with some document formats and structures.
  • "Fast-browsing" UI components are now installed by default, improving responsiveness in the M-Files Desktop client.
  • The Audit Log Viewer in M-Files Desktop now supports viewing log entries that have been exported to Azure file shares, for better insight into compliance activities in enterprise environments.

Accessing the installation package and related materials is simple through the M-Files Catalog | Compliance Kit