M-Files - March 2024 Product Update

M-Files - March 2024 Product Update

Dear Customers, 

In our ongoing dedication to constant enhancement and ensuring optimal performance of our solution, we're thrilled to unveil the latest round of product updates for February. This release encompasses a range of improvements, from enhanced features to crucial bug fixes, all driven by your invaluable feedback. Your input guides our efforts, ensuring that each adjustment we make aligns with your needs and enhances your experience with our solution.

Feature Enhancements: 

1. Automatic metadata updates for PowerPoint files using M-Files API

  • M-Files properties can be inserted to Microsoft Office files (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint). PowerPoint files are now also supported for automatic metadata updates and updates through the M-Files API. This feature ensures users work with up-to-date information, streamlining workflows and improving overall productivity. Previously, only Excel and Word files were supported. The supported file types are PPT, PPTX, and ODP.

2. Support for adding a vault connection with QR code to M-Files Web

  • You can now add a vault connection to M-Files Mobile with a QR code shown in M-Files Web. You can open the QR code from the top-right user menu. The QR code was brought to M-Files Desktop earlier.

3. M-Files for Microsoft Teams Update:

  • M-Files introduces a separate authentication scope for the Teams add-in, allowing admins to configure it without altering existing settings. Furthermore, the latest M-Files Plugin for Microsoft Teams now features a "Create scope" button, automating the creation of this Teams-specific authentication scope for streamlined setup and integration. Read more about this Microsoft Teams release here. 

4. M-Files Advanced Outlook add-in (MAO Release: 

  • We are happy to announce that we have release a new version 24.1 of M-Files Advanced Outlook add-in and it's available in the Catalog.

Release Details: 

Product: M-Files
Version Number: 24.3. 13497.3
Cloud Update Schedule:
March 17, 2024 
Download Availability: March 20, 2024
Access our full release notes: Release Notes
Download: Link

If you have any questions regarding M-Files March 2024 Product Update, please reach out to your account owner.

The M-Files Team