M-Files - May 2023 Product Update

M-Files - May 2023 Product Update

Welcome to M-Files May 2023 Product Update, 

We are constantly working to enhance our platform to provide the greatest user experience. Here are the new releases for May.

  1. M-Files Web Companion update

    M-Files Web Companion now requires users to update to the latest version of the app, ensuring consistent user experience across the board.

    This mandatory update policy is driven by providing you with the latest features and fixes, ultimately enhancing your experience. Users must update the app before they can continue using it, guaranteeing that everyone enjoys the best and latest functionalities.

  2. Template List is Dynamically Updated in M-Files Web:

    Improve efficiency with a personalized experience when creating a new document in M-Files Web. The new dynamic template list refreshes and adapts based on any modifications made to the class and search key filters. After selecting the class, you will now see the templates that only belong to that specific class. 

  3. Mass Operations for Vault Users in M-Files Admin:

    The recent update in M-Files Admin significantly enhances administrative efficiency by enabling batch editing or deletion of vault users.

    This feature is especially beneficial in scenarios where hundreds of users are involved, since it eliminates the need for time-consuming, one-at-a-time modifications. The newfound ability to perform bulk changes allows more time to be redirected towards tasks that add value, fostering productivity and enhancing your overall work efficiency.

Release Details: 

Product: M-Files
Version Number: 23.4.12628.4
Cloud Update Schedule: 
May 21, 2023
Download Availability: 
May 24, 2023
Access our full release notes: Release Notes

Download: Link

If you have any questions regarding M-Files April 2023 Product Update, please reach out to your account owner.
The M-Files Team