M-Files for Google Workspace Release Notes

M-Files for Google Workspace Release Notes

M-Files for Google Workspace April 2021 Fix Release

Detailed list:

ID: 159074
Bug: Gmail: automatic saving is disrupted when the add-on cannot connect to the M-Files server.

ID: V-35732
Bug: Organization names do not work as expected when they have only numbers, or they start with numbers.

ID: V-40718
Bug: Gmail: when a user uses multiple inboxes, the extension is not always visible.

ID: V-39553
Bug: Gmail: a user cannot save an email from other Gmail pages than the first level in the label list.

ID: V-39238
Bug: Gmail: label automation does not work when the label rule contains special characters.

ID: V-38843
Improvement: Product name changed from "M-Files for Google G Suite" to "M-Files for Google Workspace".

M-Files for Google Workspace January 2021 Fix Release


  • Hierarchical relationships between value lists sometimes cause unexpected behavior with the add-on.
    • In some cases, when a user selects the subitem first and then the parent item in the metadata tab, the subitem is cleared.
    • This release includes a fix for this issue.

Detailed list:

ID: V-38077
Bug: When a user selects the subitem first and then the parent item in the metadata tab, the child item is cleared.

Note: below you can find details and release notes for previous releases of the M-Files for Google Workspace add-on (was M-Files for Google G Suite add-on).

M-Files for Google G Suite November 2020 Fix Release

  • Property definition visibility on the add-on metadata card now uses the same logic as M‑Files Web.
  • The message ID property is shown on the add-on metadata card also for grouped email conversations.
  • Gmail automatic saving: If an error occurs, the add-on leaves no documents checked out in M‑Files.
  • The issue of viewing read-only properties on the add-on metadata card is now fixed.
  • The metadata template is saved to Google Cloud for each conversation.
  • Drive: The document context menu option "Save to M-Files" is available again.

Detailed list:

ID: 157404
Bug: If an email has been saved by label automation and the user changes the automatic saving setting to "By email conversations", new messages to that email's conversation are not saved.

ID: V-35737
Bug: A multi-select property on the add-on metadata card cannot load a saved value that has more than 100 options.

ID: V-35296
Bug: Drive: After the Google Layout updates, the document context menu option "Save to M‑Files" stopped working.

ID: V-34903
Improvement: Show read-only properties on the add-on metadata card.

ID: V-34391
Improvement: Get the values of read-only properties before updating metadata.

M-Files for Google G Suite H1 2020 Update


  • The add-on supports saving emails and attachments as separate objects.
    • Previously, emails belonging to the same conversation were grouped into one multi-file document.
    • Grouping is still the default, but you can now change the setting to saving as separate objects.
  • When a user tries to connect to M-Files server, the add-on checks that the M-Files server license has the M‑Files for Google G Suite module included.
  • Value list filtering has been improved.
    • You can now use hierarchical relationships between value lists in the same way as in M‑Files Desktop.
  • The add-on supports saving an email again to M-Files after it has been deleted from M‑Files.
    • This caused an error before.
  • The "Save to M-Files" option is now available for newly composed messages.
    • This used to be supported only when replying to emails that were already saved to M‑Files.
  • When setting the add-on to save emails automatically by labels, the labels are now organized in alphabetical order.

Detailed list:

ID: 156176
Bug: Drive: The "Save to M-Files" option is not always shown in the context menu of files.

ID: 155430
Bug: Gmail: When a user changes the SAVE AS selection while saving an email, the class drop-down menu is not visible.

ID: 155860
Bug: Gmail: Non-document links in assignment notifications are not working.

ID: 156145
Bug: Gmail: Automatic saving by labels saves email messages multiple times.

ID: 156143
Bug: Gmail: When selecting two emails quickly, the metadata card is not loaded.

ID: 152393
Bug: Gmail: When saving again an email with an empty title to M-Files, the name of the email is messed up in M-Files.

ID: 153809
Bug: Gmail: The tooltip for the three-dot menu is always "General Settings".

ID: 153865
Bug: Gmail: The "Send & save to M-Files" option is visible for emails that have not been saved to M-Files.

ID: 155670
Bug: Drive: The search function does not work when using a search term that includes the underscore character (_).

ID: 155442
Bug: Gmail: When a user unchecks all emails and attachments while saving emails, the user is able to click the disabled "Save" button.

ID: 154317
Bug: Gmail: A newly saved email gets the name of the previously saved email in M-Files.

ID: 155441
Bug: Gmail: The "Save" button is enabled even though the mandatory class property value is missing from the metadata.

ID: 155624
Bug: Gmail: Not possible to save attachments when saving again an email that was deleted in M-Files.

ID: 154678
Bug: General: Multi-line text does not have line breaks in M-Files. Instead, end of line characters (<br/>) are shown.

ID: 154660
Bug: Drive: The "Save to M-Files" option changes location in the context menu of files.

ID: 154814
Bug: Drive: Saving Google documents as "application/epub+zip" does not work. - Google documents should be saved to M-Files only in one of the following formats: Open Doc, PDF, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint (depending on the document).

ID: 154322
Bug: Drive: Scrolling the "Recently accessed by me" view is not working properly when the page is zoomed.

ID: 154073
Bug: General: When using non-SSO login, the username and password fields are shown for all non-SSO vaults on the "General settings" tab and the "Cancel" button is not working.

ID: V-31245
Bug: General: Saving empty default metadata is possible which results in strange behavior, such as continuous spinning.

ID: V-31038
Bug: Gmail: Automatic saving by conversation fails if the subject field of a reply message is empty.

ID: V-32949
Bug: General: Removing all organizational units on the "General settings" tab causes the extension to fail to load.

ID: V-32914
Bug: Gmail: The sidebar is forced to open the M-Files extension when an email is selected. - For example, when a user has selected "Tasks".

ID: V-30709
Bug: General: Prevented API calls for object with the ID 0 (objects/0/0 endpoint).

ID: V-29453
Improvement: General: Improved the error message "The mandatory property "100" has no value." to be understandable.

ID: V-30653
Bug: Gmail: Saving a second reply to an email is not possible.

ID: V-30525
Bug: Gmail: The "Save" and "Cancel" buttons in label rule settings are in different order than in other places in the extension.

ID: V-30104
Improvement: Drive: On the "Synchronization history" tab, the "Remove" button renamed as "Disable".

ID: V-29833
Bug: Drive: When a document that has Drive synchronization enabled is removed from M‑Files, the error status 500 is reported instead of 404 (Not found).

ID: V-29452
Bug: Drive: Cannot add a Google file to an existing M-Files document.

ID: 153152
Improvement: General: Support added for hierarchical value lists in the extension.

ID: V-31314
Improvement: General: Translations added for the user interface text "Please select a vault".

ID: V-30278
Improvement: Gmail: The user can configure the way of saving (background tasks).

ID: V-33066
Improvement: General: Updated jQuery to version 3.5.1.

ID: V-30627
Improvement: General: Improved the vault settings synchronization from Admin Site to the extension.

ID: V-17353
Improvement: Gmail: It is now possible to save an email again to M-Files after it has been deleted from M‑Files.

ID: V-30626
Improvement: General: Optimized connection requests to a vault that cannot be connected.

ID: V-29882
Improvement: Gmail: Added a message-based way of sending and saving to M-Files.

ID: V-25555
Improvement: Gmail: Labels under the "Select labels" section are now organized in alphabetical order.

ID: V-24263
Improvement: Gmail: The "Save to M-Files" option is now available for newly composed messages.

ID: V-25983
Improvement: Added a new way of saving emails and attachments to M-Files. - Added a configuration option for saving emails as separate objects instead of saving them to the same multi-file document.