M-Files Hubshare - February 2024 Product Update

M-Files Hubshare - February 2024 Product Update

Welcome to M-Files Hubshare February 2024 Product Update!

We are always committed to enhancing our platform to provide the best user experience possible. Now, we are thrilled to introduce our most recent updates, which were rolled out in February.

M-Files Hubshare Release

M-Files Hubshare has one new feature released this month:

Bulk view download:

Provide an option to the Views widget for downloading the entire view structure (or some lower grouping level) as a zip package to your hard drive. The zip package includes the entire selected view hierarchy structure and the documents inside.

Allowing our customer to easily share large amounts of grouped documents to their clients (view) and then, the end-users of the hubs can easily download the documents, keeping the folder structure and further process/utilize the data outside Hubshare.

We also used this monthly release as the continuity of the previous version and add various small and medium-sized improvements and defect fixes related to the new Visual identity, including the improvement related to the Hub logo management.

Stay in touch: most of the important new capabilities of M-Files Hubshare are coming in Q2 2024!

Release Details: 

Product: M-Files Hubshare
Version Number:
Cloud Update Schedule:
February 24, 2024

Access our full release notes: Release Notes

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