M-Files Hubshare - March 2024 Product Update

M-Files Hubshare - March 2024 Product Update

Welcome to M-Files Hubshare March 2024 Product Update!

We are always committed to enhancing our platform to provide the best user experience possible. Now, we are thrilled to introduce our most recent updates, which were rolled out in March.


M-Files Hubshare Release

M-Files Hubshare comes with new features, some improvements and one important security fix this month:

1. Security update: document viewer third party (Apryse / Pdftron) updated to fix security issue

This Hubshare release contains an update of the Document viewer third party we use to fix a security issue. We encourage our customers (on-premises included) to update their Hubshare server as soon as possible. Cloud customers will benefit from the update on the 30th of March 2024).

2. M-Files widgets display placeholder images when no data or error

Illustrations are now used when no data available or an error occurs in widgets.


3. Invite again a deleted user in your organization

In the v4.1.4 (December 2023 release) we introduced the capability to delete an account from your organization (both internal and external users included). In this version, we complete this previously introduced option by allowing you to re-create the account. It's especially useful if you, for example invite someone by mistake as internal user then realize he should have been created as external user in the first place. You can now delete this account and create it back as external user.

It can also solve some cases like someone leaving your organization but who comes back a couple of months or years later.

The most interesting scenario is probably with external account: it's common that you want to work with an external party but for some reason your collaboration needs to be stopped at some point, but the product should not prevent you to work back with them later. It is now possible.

Please note that a deleted account sees all the accesses to hubs he had removed, meaning that when he will be added back in your organization, the hub accesses need to be created again depending on your needs. You can always rely on the "Disable" status if you want to do temporary disabling without fully deleting a user.

4. Hub activity page's accesses section improved

Starting after the end of April 2024, you will be able to start seeing access counters per month in the "Hub activity" page. We introduced a new session counter system in the March release, and the page will start showing you the metrics at the end of April after a full April 2024 data collection. From there, you will see every month the total count of the hub accesses.


5. Action buttons moved to contextual menu in the smaller M-Files Widgets

To leave the maximum of space free for the widget content, we now move all the action buttons (export, activity and add file) to a contextual menu at the top on the smaller height widgets. Please note that it is always possible to drag&drop the files in the widget still.

6. IP Address of the connected user can now be used as prefill value in M-Files Widget

You can now configure some metadata to be prefilled with the connected user's IP address in your M-Files widget. It can be useful to track precisely who did the action in Hubshare and keep this data as part of the edited object. Combined with the "User email" prefill, it's a good combo to track precisely the end-user information on the object in the vault.


7. Norwegian language added in Hubshare

Seeing our opportunities growing in the Nordics, we introduced the Norwegian in the product this month.

8. Search bar added in the value list filters modal


Stay in touch: most of the important new capabilities of M-Files Hubshare are coming in Q2 2024!

M-Files Plugin for Hubshare Release

In March 2024, we release a small version of the Plugin containing two defect fixes. Please see the full release notes for details.

  1. V-201: When trying to open the Plugin an error appears "Could not convert string"
  2. V-197: Error coming when "Import metadata structure" is clicked

Release Details: 
Product: M-Files Hubshare
Version Number:
Cloud Update Schedule:
March 30, 2024

Product: M-Files Plugin for Hubshare
Version Number:

Access our full release notes: Release Notes

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